The history of the festival


The festival was started in the year 2008 by a man named Sasha Harrison, whose photo appears below. Sashsa was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. When he was nine years old, he realized he was good at writing poetry. He says when he listened to a song, not only did the song make him feel good, but analyzing the lyrics even made him feel better. He liked to examine the lyrics word by word, letter by letter, and find the hidden meaning within them. He says that his life changed when his parents bought him a book for his birthday, a book about analyzing themes in plays. He would read various plays and try to find the overall theme that the author was trying to convey. Sasha believes that there is hidden meaning in everything. There is meaning in the air that we breathe, your car that you ride in, and every other minute thing n life. He believes that even the way someone walks conveys a message about them.

The frustrations

Sasha was frustrated because he felt that he had a talent that nobody recognized. He felt that if he got the right amount of exposure, the right number of ears to listen to his songs, he could impress a lot of people. The problem was, the avenues of exposure that exist today (like YouTube, Facebook, Bandcamp) did not exist back then. Even if they existed, he says, it is unlikely that he could have gained much exposure because he has no idea how to even turn on a computer. He kept producing and producing but not seeing much in terms of results. Then he got his lucky break when someone within the industry used one of his materials and paid him for it. The pay was not much, but since a lot of people got to know him, he got more and more famous and more and more people started hiring him for their gigs. That's the purpose of this festival: To get talented people an audience to recognize them and hopefully take them to the next level.

Since 2008

This festival has been held every year since 2008, sometimes twice a year.