Shawn Carter's Biography

Shawn was born in San Francisco and he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 23. When he first moved to LA, he started working as a waiter at a restaurant in Hollywood. This was supposed to be a temporary job but he stayed there for three years. He says his wage was not enough to survive and had it not been for the generous tips that he received, he would have switched jobs within the first month of starting. In Hollywood, people apparently tend to be generous with tips. He recalls a time when a customer left him a tip of $100 because of good service. In addition to making money, he enjoyed working at the restaurant because he made a lot of connections there. He says a lot of people in the industry would visit there, and Shawn would start conversations with them and get to know them. This was the perfect opportunity to meet people who could help him out with his career. After he left the restaurant, he started his own music company, which was not able to survive. He suffered from depression, lost all his property and assets. He went back to his parents' home in San Francisco, waiting to get back on his feet. After a year he moved back to Los Angeles with a new plan. This time he rented an apartment with two roommates, to keep his expenses down. He took out the business cards given to him years ago at his restaurant job, and started his writing and singing career. Shawn says he feels lucky to have experienced all the pain, because that's what helped him grow as a human being. In his spare time he likes to go fishing and visiting museums with his family.