About the Festival


Musicians' festival is a festival that's held to recognize and honor talent in the music industry. The talent could be undiscovered talent. It could be someone who has a great voice, it could be a great band. It could be someone who can write amazing, meaningful, and romantic lyrics like no one else. It is helf twice a year, once in the autumn and once beginning of spring. Many musicians from around the world will submit their content to a panel of judges who will then hand pick a few people who could potentially win.

How it all started

It all started when a musician thought what he had to offer was unique, but nobody recognized him. In 2001, a man by the name of Sasha Harrison started writing great lyrics for songs. These lyrics had a lot of hidden patterns in them, patterns that you had to really look for. Not only did the lyrics sound good to the ear, but also they were meaningful and romantic. They were deep. This man was religious and he would go to church and try to introduce other church members to his talent. But nobody recognized his talents. He finally got a lucky break when someone within the industry used one of his songs and paid him a few hundred dollars. Then, more and more people started to get to know him, and the rest is history. Sasha says he feels that there are a lot of other undiscovered talented people out there, and the purpose of the festival is to recognize and celebrate their talents.

How to apply

Please visit out contact page and send us your phone number and email address. We will reply to your email with a welcome email. You can reply to that by sending us all your materials, like videos, mp3s, or anything else that you have that show cases your talent.