This year the festival will be great. As usual, various artists will be attending, and playing their songs for your enjoyment. This year, the judges will decide the winners alongside the audience. The way it works will be a little different from previous years. In the past, there was a panel of 4 judges that would vote on their favorite categories, like the best lyrics, the best voice, the best guitarist. Their vote would be cast anonymously. They put place their vote in a box, and the average of the 4 votes would be taken to be the overall score for a certain artist or song. If two songs tied, then the audience would vote via their mobile phones. However, this year the audience will vote by using their mobile phones first. And the best 2 artists who get the most votes are entered into the next round. In that round, the judges will vote and select the better of the two. Again, the average of the votes is taken as before. This process ensures that the audience gets a bigger share in the votes. Mathematically speaking, their votes will count more and affect the outcome more.

The dress code is business casual. We recommend not wearing sandals or jeans or anything that you would wear at an informal event, because this is more of a formal event. Our security personnel are instructed to not allow anyone who is wearing a hoodie or a hat to enter, so please make sure you leave those in your car if you have such items. If you're taking the bus, you will need to take 2 routes, the number 112 and the number 715. On the other hand, you can also take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. If you take Uber and the Uber car gets into an accident, we recommend an Uber accident lawyer who will file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. We know of many people who have used this service. To find out more about Uber accident liability, check this Uber accident crash page on FindLaw.

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